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Formula made with cow’s milk does not increase diabetes risk

Study examined children predisposed to the disease by Kristina Sauerwein  • January 2, 2018 A 15-year global study of children genetically predisposed to developing Type 1 diabetes found that drinking formula made with cow’s milk did not increase such children’s risk for developing the disease. The findings provide a long-awaited answer to the …

OFD News

WU Healthcare resources for you and your family

For a listing of primary care physicians, pediatricians or OB-GYNs associated with Wash U for yourself or family member see Click here for Primary Care Physicians Click here for Pediatricians Click here for Obstetric Physicians WUDirect is designed to provide you and your covered dependents priority access for initial appointments …

Clinical News

EPIC Update

EPIC go-live is on target for June 2, 2018. Shortly after the transition to EPIC, AllScripts will be read only. That means that all tasks, notes and charges for any services prior to June 2nd must be promptly completed. The deadline to complete all work in Allscripts is June 15th. …

Clinical News

Ambulatory Medicine

Daily Huddles have been refreshed in the clinics. Huddles < 5 minutes SLCH Daily Huddles at 9:00am in the Staff Lounge. CSCC Daily Huddles at 10:00am in the Consult Room.

Faculty Features

Faculty Feature: Xunjun Xiao, PhD

Xunjun Xiao, PhD. Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Gastroenterology Xiao grew up in a rural village in Hubei province located in the central region of China. When he was a child, he enjoyed helping his family with crops and livestock on their small farm. Often times, he was disheartened by the …

OFD News

Gym & Fitness Facilities – January 2018

Many facilities offer a membership discount to Washington University employees. Click on the links for more information and instructions for enrollment.  Be sure to have your active Washington University employee identification available during the time of enrollment. Washington University has no contractual agreement with these facilities and does not manage …

New Employees

Welcome New Faculty & Staff – January 2018

  STAFF Name Title Division Elizabeth Ann Omoluyi Adesanya Graduate Student Endocrinology & Diabetes Tori Boyer Research Nurse Coordinator l Critical Care Thomas Courtney Operations & System Spec III Computing Facility Zachary Dawson Research Technician II Newborn Medicine Hyori Kim Research Technician II Newborn Medicine Darren Lewis Community Outreach Rep …

Funded Awards

Funded Awards – January 2018

PI Agency Title Jeffrey Bednarski American Society of Hematology Regulation of Pre-B Cell Receptor Signaling in Normal … Audrey Odom John NIH/R01 Fosmidomycin Resistance in Plasmodium Falciparum Kenneth Remy Society of Critical Care Medicine/ SCCM-Weil Research Grant Influence of Free Heme as a Red Blood Cell DAMP in Sep… Joan …

Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities – January 2018

National Institutes of Health R01 Series – new: February 5 U01 – new: February 5 K Series – new: February 12 R03, R21, R33, R21/R33, R34, R36, UH2, UH3, UH2/UH3 – new: February 16 R15 – new, renewal, resubmission, revision: February 25 NIH Due Dates Washington University Internal Competitions – …