Countdown to EPIC

June 2, 2018 is the date that the SLCH, BJH and WUSM academic practices will go live on the EPIC integrated system. Ambulatory, inpatient, emergency department documentation, and diagnostic testing results will be maintained in one system. EPIC will also be used for scheduling, WUSM registration and for professional billing. In the months ahead, we will learn more about EPIC functionality and how it directly impacts your work. What can you do to now to prepare?

  • One of the most important things you can do right now is to aggressively work your AllScripts tasks lists.  Tasks in Allscripts WILL NOT  transition to EPIC.  Keeping on top of Tasks in Allscripts will make your personal transition to EPIC much easier
  • Visit the EPIC1 Web site and view the VLOGs presented by Dr. Sam Bhayani.  The video blogs are brief presentations on key aspects of EPIC functionality.  You will also find other valuable information on the EPIC1web site:

We are less than 8 months away from the academic go live of the fully integrated EPIC system. And only a few months until Progress West and Missouri Baptist are up and running. Training will begin in March in preparation for the June 2nd academic go live, and training is already under way for providers practicing at Progress West and Missouri Baptist. Training will consist of both on line learning and in class sessions. Personalization labs will be held after training and these sessions will be extremely helpful in customizing EPIC tools to make the system work for you.

What can you do now?

  1. Watch the Epic Readiness vlogs prepared by Dr. Bhayani –
  2. visit the Epic Website for more information about the Epic Program (
  3. Complete your Allscripts notes and tasks and keep them up to date EPIC draws near!