December 2019 Funded Awards

Funded Awards


PI Agency Title
Regina Clemens CIMED Developmental regulation of neutrophil calcium signaling by KCa3.1
Jonathan Cooper Giving Back Foundation Developing Enzyme Replacement Therapy in a Sheep Model of CLN1 disease or Infantile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis
Jorge Di Paola SLCH Foundation/Research Grant Neuro Oncology and Investigational New Drug Support Year 7
Patricia Dickson National MPS Society Classification of IDS Gene Variants Using Saturation Genome Editing
Patricia Dickson Codexis IDUA KO Mice
Sarah Garwood Boeing of St. Louis Employee’s Community Fund The SPOT at Jennings High School (a School-Based Health Center)
Abby Green CDI The phenotype of aberrant APOBEC3A expression in leukemia
David Hendrixson Thrasher Research Fund/Early Career Award Effect of an Alternative RUTF on Intestinal Permeability in Children with Severe Acute Malnutrition
S. Celeste Morley NIH/R56 Actin regulatory proteins regulate alveolar macrophage pro-inflammatory signaling
Gregory Storch HRSA/City of St. Louis HIV Prevention Intervention for Targeted Populations at Risk
Gregory Storch CDC/The City of St. Louis HIV Prevention Services and Risk Reduction Activities for Women of Color
Zachary Vesoulis NIH/SBIR/STTR/NeuroWave Systems An Easy-to-Use, Low-Cost Brain Monitor for Objective Screening and Treatment of Opioid-Exposed Infants
Andrew White SLCH Foundation/Research Grant WUSM – Fetter Lectureship
Funded Awards
Funded Grants March 2022

PI Agency Title Andrew Cluster University of California A Phase 1 Study of Modified Measles Virus (MV-NIS) for the Treatment of Children and Young Adults with Recurrent Medulloblastoma or Recurrent Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumors (ATRT) Jonathan Cooper NIH/R21 Defining and treating peripheral nervous system dysfunction in Cln1 disease Megan Cooper …

Funded Awards
Funded Grants February 2022

PI Agency Title Tarin Bigley Rheumatology Research Foundation/Scientist Development Award Evaluating the role of neonatal infections in systemic lupus erythematosus Jane Garbutt NIH/UL1 Washington University Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (ISP, JG) (WUPAARC) Bryan Sisk SLCH Foundation Transitioning from hospital-based care to home-based care for pediatric patients and families …

Funded Awards
Funded Grants January 2022

PI Agency Title Mohamed Abdelbaki SLCH Foundation Neuro-Onc Fellowship Year 2 Sarah Garwood SLCH Foundation The SPOT at Jennings High School (A School-Based Health Center) Robert Hayashi St. Baldrick’s Foundation/Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Health Effects After Anthracycline and Radiation Therapy (HEART) – Dexazoxane and Prevention of Anythracycline-related Cardiomyopathy (ALTE11C2) Jennifer …