Did you Know… – December 2018

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Safety Tip Sheet – Ergonomics

Faculty, staff or students concerned about the setup of their work stations have several Environmental
Health and Safety (EH&S) resources they can turn to for help. EH&S often finds that simple adjustments
to office, laboratory or clinic furniture and equipment set-ups can resolve most issues. To address any
ergonomic concerns, please follow the steps below:

  1. Report your concern to your manager or supervisor.
  2. Take the online Ergonomics Self Evaluation assessment to determine what adjustments you
    need to make to your work station. If you are incapable of taking the online assessment, please
    contact EH&S at 314-362-6816.
  3. If working in a laboratory, also complete the Laboratory Ergonomics Self-Evaluation Checklist,
    which can be found at this link.
  4. Ergonomics training for laboratory employees is found at this link.
  5. Information on the University’s Ergonomic Guidelines can be found here.
  6. After adjusting your workstation per the self-evaluation checklists’ guidance, if problems persist, contact EH& for a consultation.
  7. If needed, the Insurance and Risk Management Office, Human Resources (HR) and EH&S may
    seek assistance from the University’s Occupational Medicine Provider
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Foam Rolling

3 part series on March 8, 15 and 22 from noon-1 pm in NWT10A. Register here by March 7th. No cost for the class and the instructor provides foam rollers to use in class. You may purchase one for home use for $30 (at cost) but this is optional. This …

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WUSTL’s Whittemore House Benefits

The Whittemore House is the WUSTL Faculty Conference Center at 6440 Forsyth Blvd for benefits eligible Faculty and Staff and Adjunct Faculty. The house has many benefits: Meeting and dining rooms available to members for breakfast, lunch and special events Events including Chinese New Year wine dinner and Valentine’s Day …

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Faculty Awarded for Teaching Excellence

The Distinguished Service Teaching Awards ceremony was held in the EPNEC Auditorium on 11/15/18.  The Department of Pediatrics was delighted to have been awarded three awards in three different categories.  Dr. Yumi Turmelle, a pediatric hepatologist, and Advisory Dean at the medical school was honored for her work in creating a …