Faculty Feature Amanda Kolmar

Amanda grew up in Westfield, New Jersey (yes, the same 30,000-person town as the nephrology attending Brian Stotter). She attended Westfield High School (apparently where you went to high school is important in St. Louis?) and spent much of high school pretending to play the clarinet in marching band.

She moved across the country to attend Pomona College, where she met her husband, Chris, who also happened to be from New Jersey. Amanda was a religious studies major, focusing on the Abrahamic faiths. She moved north to San Francisco to attend medical school at UCSF, where she confirmed her interest in caring for children.

Following medical school, she managed to convince people on the East coast that she actually wanted to leave San Francisco and she and Chris moved to Durham, North Carolina for Amanda’s residency at Duke Children’s Hospital. Sometime (very) late in pediatric residency, Amanda decided caring for critically ill children and their families best combined her clinical, research, and intellectual interests. After three more years completing PCCM fellowship, she and her family left the coasts for mid-America. They are all excited to be settled into their new home in St. Louis and look forward to watching their children grow up in such a wonderful city.

Amanda can often be found speaking very, very quickly and with poor enunciation (she has received plenty of feedback about this and is speaking as slowly as she can) or eating whole bell peppers like apples. She made bread before COVID-19 and her husband worked from home before it was cool.

She and Chris moved here with their four-year-old son, Reider, and added a second son, Teddy, to the mix in December 2019. Their household is currently very calm and everyone gets lots of sleep.

Faculty Features
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