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Julie Nogee is actually a native Midwesterner. She was born in Cincinnati, OH where she spent the first 3 years of her life before relocating to St. Louis, MO for 4 years. Those early years in St. Louis made quite the impression on Julie and when her parents moved to Baltimore, MD, Julie often liked to remind her parents of St. Louis’ superiority to Baltimore at every opportunity.

Despite this minor hiccup in her early childhood, Julie and her younger brother Daniel, also a physician, are generally pretty big fans of their physician parents, whose first faculty jobs were at Washington University. Julie’s father Larry is also a neonatologist, and her mother Anne a pediatric cardiologist. Their laboratories at Johns Hopkins provided much intellectual stimulation for Julie in the blizzard filled winters of the 1990s in Baltimore, when the public schools would close for days at a time and the laboratory provided an excellent space for alternate childcare, and maybe a few chair races between siblings down the utility corridors.

Julie and Eric

Baltimore grew on Julie with time, and she quickly developed a love for baseball at the modern-day cathedral of the game known as Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Julie quickly adopted the Red Sox as her favorite team thanks to a promise from her father that she could have a puppy if the Red Sox won the World Series, and she proudly sported her Red Sox hat and Mo Vaughn jersey at nearly every Orioles home game against the Red Sox. This love for the Red Sox would propel Julie to apply to only Northeastern schools for college and she was delighted to move to Massachusetts to attend Tufts University as an undergraduate. It was at Tufts that Julie got to finally experience the end of the curse of the Bambino when the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004. She’s been rather fortunate to have been a bit spoiled by her favorite team since 2004, though she has adopted the Cardinals as her National League team and is rooting for them to have a good season. Boston also introduced Julie to her future husband, and fellow Tufts alum and Tacoma, WA native, Eric McNair, an archeologist who has turned his proficiency for digging into a career in fundraising and development. He has been a huge support in the moves they seem to make every 3-4 years since they first met.

Julie’s pursuit of medical training after college brought her and Eric to Baltimore and Hopkins for medical school, and then off to Eric’s home coast and the University of California, San Francisco for residency. She was lucky enough to have met F. Sessions Cole on a fellowship interview day in St. Louis and was soon convinced that Washington University was the best place for her to complete her Neonatal-Perinatal fellowship training and embark on a basic science career. Currently an Instructor in Pediatrics in Newborn Medicine, Julie is working in the laboratory of Gary Silverman exploring the role of intracellular serpins in pulmonary host defense.

In her free time, Julie enjoys the St. Louis restaurant scene (currently #5 of the 32 best places to go and eat in 2019 according to Food and Wine Magazine), and the many parks in the greater St. Louis region. Julie and Eric are expecting their first child in February and hoping that their daughter gets to delight in all the same early childhood activities in St. Louis that made Julie such a big fan of the city in the first place.

Julie and her Father
Julie and her Mother
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