IT News – November 2017

IT News

ClickShare information and instructions for NWT conference rooms: 8A, 8C, 9A, 9C, 10A and 10E
Click here for ClickShare Wireless Presentation System
Click here for ClickShare Instructions

How to sign up for Eduroam wireless and benefits:

Reporting Phishing and SPAM
When SPAM or PHISHING emails are received, there is a process in place to report them that will automatically update filters and let our Information Security Office be made aware of the issue as well.

The instructions for reporting SPAM or to update false positives are maintained at the following site:

Reporting via webmail is also effective for O365 filters.

To inform our Information Security Office of Phishing emails, please forward them to (if “forward as attachment” is used, that will provide more detail for the Security Office).