New Employees July 2022


Adedotun Adewale Critical CareAssistant Professor
Maha BanoHospitalistInstructor
Lasio Laura Duque GeneticsAssistant Professor
Christina FaheyHospitalistInstructor
Korre Fairman Newborn MedicineInstructor
Marjorie FarringtonHospitalistInstructor
Yuri FedorovichHospitalistInstructor
Abigail Kissel AcademicAssistant Professor
Will McComas HospitalistInstructor
Brian ReinholzHospitalistInstructor
Rachael RyanHospitalistInstructor
Allison Schuh Newborn MedicineInstructor
Katelyn SmelserHospitalistInstructor
Mallory Smith Critical CareAssistant Professor
Kimberly Sutton GastroenterologyAssistant Professor


Monica Abd El Nour Infectious DiseaseClinical Fellow
Molly Barr GastroenterologyClinical Fellow
Matthew Biehl NephrologyClinical Fellow
Erica Bonura CardiologyClinical Fellow
Andrew Carroll Newborn MedicineClinical Fellow
Mariah Cheaves Newborn MedicineClinical Fellow
Shelley Choudhury GastroenterologyClinical Fellow
Tess Coker GastroenterologyClinical Fellow
Megan Daugherty Critical CareClinical Fellow
Aashana Dhruva Cowan  Critical CareClinical Fellow
Jennifer Gray CardiologyClinical Fellow
Rachel Guess RheumatologyClinical Fellow
Marium Khan Critical CareClinical Fellow
Jessica Kris Newborn MedicineClinical Fellow
Mithra Lakshmi Narasimhan Hematology/OncologyClinical Fellow
Tasha Lalos Newborn MedicineClinical Fellow
Spencer Lambdin HospitalistClinical Fellow
Lauren Littell CardiologyClinical Fellow
Maria Liverpool Emergency MedicineClinical Fellow
Hafsa Lodhi HospitalistClinical Fellow
Katherine Marcus Critical CareClinical Fellow
Kelly Meyer Newborn MedicineClinical Fellow
Dean Odegard Emergency MedicineClinical Fellow
Emily Phillips Hematology/OncologyClinical Fellow
Armen Sanosyan Allergy, Immunology, PulmonaryClinical Fellow
Matt Sattler Infectious DiseaseClinical Fellow
Tara Shepherd Newborn MedicineClinical Fellow
Meghna Singh Newborn MedicineClinical Fellow
Veronica Smith Emergency MedicineClinical Fellow
George Spyropoulos CardiologyClinical Fellow
Mehul Thakkar Hematology/OncologyClinical Fellow
Chatsuda Thamrongsak Allergy, Immunology, PulmonaryClinical Fellow
Eylem TopaktasEndocrinologyClinical Fellow
Joy Um RheumatologyClinical Fellow
Nadia Wattad Allergy, Immunology, PulmonaryClinical Fellow
David Witcher Emergency MedicineClinical Fellow
Emily Wynia Emergency MedicineClinical Fellow


Ambrose Chan Hematology/OncologyResearch Technician II
Sophia Couteranis GeneticsClinical Research Coordinator I
Belma Gobeljic Hematology/OncologyMedical Secretary II
Cathy Gross GastroenterologyNurse Practitioner
De’Ona HardyCardiologyMedical Secretary III
Kristin Klockenga Newborn MedicineStaff Nurse
Elizabeth Larkin Emergency MedicineSenior Clinical Research Coordinator
Heidi Lutjens Allergy, Immunology, PulmonaryClinical Nurse Coordinator
Geonette McNeese AmbulatoryMedical Secretary III
Kimberley Miller Allergy, Immunology, PulmonaryPatient Billing/Services Representative II
Brianna Nichols Infectious DiseaseResearch Technician I
Michelle Ripperda Newborn MedicineStaff Nurse
Stephanie Roehr AcademicStaff Nurse II
Rishita Shah NephrologyLaboratory Assistant I/Glasswasher
Maria Sparks Adolescent MedicinePatient Billing/Services Representative II
Annette Stanly Infectious DiseaseData Analyst
Brittany Taylor AmbulatoryMedical Assistant II
Jessica Wall Newborn MedicineStaff Nurse
Jackie Wang GastroenterologyResearch Technician II
New Employees
New Employees June 2022

Faculty Name Division Title Daisuke Kobayashi Cardiology Associate Professor Staff Name Division Title Brittany Ash Hematology/Oncology Clinical Research Coordinator I Kennedy Bass Hematology/Oncology Laboratory Assistant I/Glasswasher Meagan Blanchard Critical Care Research Technician II Morgan Casper Newborn Medicine Staff Nurse Curtis Ebl Allergy, Immunology, Pulmonary Clinical Research Coordinator I Aimee Gray …

New Employees
New Employees May 2022

Faculty Name Division Title Daisuke Kobayashi Cardiology Assoc Professor of Pediatrics Mohannad Mannaa Allergy, Immunology, Pulmonary Prof of Pediatrics Staff Name Division Title Meagan Blanchard Critical Care Research Technician II Amanda Bockstruck Hematology/Oncology Clinical Research Study Assistant II Morgan Casper Newborn Medicine Staff Nurse Madi Enloe Hematology/Oncology Senior Public Health …

New Employees
New Employees April 2022

Staff Name Title Division Carley Halling Research Technician II Nephrology LaTonya Irvin Mail Services Carrier & Operator Central Admin Jenny McKenzie Precision Health Program Scientist Rheumatology Allie Phad  Coordinator Quality Improvement Adolescent Medicine Gemecih Trice Medical Assistant II Hematology/Oncology