Using WUPS to generate your CEP

WUPS v.3 is a profile system developed by the innovation team in the Pediatric Computing Facility. Initially designed to replace the aging CVitae application, it offers a modular, open architecture to give it flexibility and expandability to meet disparate needs. It is an evolving tool to assist you in generating a CEP in the department of pediatrics’ preferred format. You are not required to use it. Faculty who already have extensive CEPs that were begun long before WUPS may find it onerous to begin. For others it is recommended. For all, WUPS is required to generate your CV. Your faculty profile on the pediatric website is pulled from here as well.

To assist you in understanding where all the component of your CEP are placed in WUPS, a “map” has been developed. You can find the “map” here and also on the OFD webpage. Also, WUPS has a HELP component built into the system. For basic questions, first utilize your division administrative staff. Each division has identified a person to assist with CEPs and they have been trained to assist you. If you aren’t sure who is your division CEP expert, contact the OFD and we can advise. If you need further assistance with the mechanics of WUPS, Janet Braun in OFD is available to assist. Once your CEP is completed, the OFD is happy to review it prior to submission to the promotion committee.

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WUSTL’s Whittemore House Benefits

The Whittemore House is the WUSTL Faculty Conference Center at 6440 Forsyth Blvd for benefits eligible Faculty and Staff and Adjunct Faculty. The house has many benefits: Meeting and dining rooms available to members for breakfast, lunch and special events Events including Chinese New Year wine dinner and Valentine’s Day …

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Did you Know… – December 2018

Safety Tip Sheet – Ergonomics Faculty, staff or students concerned about the setup of their work stations have several Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) resources they can turn to for help. EH&S often finds that simple adjustments to office, laboratory or clinic furniture and equipment set-ups can resolve most issues. …

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Faculty Awarded for Teaching Excellence

The Distinguished Service Teaching Awards ceremony was held in the EPNEC Auditorium on 11/15/18.  The Department of Pediatrics was delighted to have been awarded three awards in three different categories.  Dr. Yumi Turmelle, a pediatric hepatologist, and Advisory Dean at the medical school was honored for her work in creating a …