Work-Life Balance – November 2017

Work-Life Balance

New Lactation Room NWT14215

There are currently 38 private lactation spaces across the medical campus. Rooms are equipped with a chair, table and electrical outlets. Some rooms have refrigerators, sinks, pumps and microwaves. NWT14215 is equipped with an Ameda pump. The NWT8145 lactation room is still available for use.

For information and a listing of all locations, please visit

OFD News
The Connection between Social Media and Wellness

Julie Smith, M.S., our April guest speaker, was outstanding and offered critical information to know as clinicians and parents. Her book ‘Master the Media: How Teaching Media Literacy Can Save Our Plugged in World’ comes highly recommended. OFD will have a copy of her book for checkout to any faculty …

OFD News
Book Club for Faculty and Fellows – Chekhov’s Doctors

Our next book choice is Chekhov’s Doctors, A Collection of Chekhov’s Medical Tales by Anton Chekhov Date and location: To be determined. It will be in the first 2 weeks of June. It will be held at a local restaurant for discussion and dinner. Time: 6:30 pm Email to …

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Work-Life Solutions by GuidanceResources (formally EAP)

Few professionals face the physical, psychological and emotional demands that health care providers confront daily. If those demands threaten to overwhelm you, turn to our GuidanceResources program 24/7 for confidential help. Call 844-365-4587 or online Use Web ID: WASHU In addition to emotional support, resources are available for help …